Healthy below Healthy above !

Our Vision.

APN quality trees and plants is absolutely dedicated to the growing of the most healthy and highest quality trees and plants. We have decided that the root pruning containers and techniques that are designed by DR. Carl Whitcomb are simply the best for the all around health and vitality witch is crucial in our mind to the life of the tree or plant. Its really all about the ROOTS! check out the video below here to see what a ROOTMAKER container 1 gallon or 3 gallon can do for the root pack.   

Our Solution.

Small seedlings tree or plant, need to start strong to finish strong. We start strong right from the beginning of its life with a ROOTMAKER propogation tray using the proper Osmocote slow release fertilizer combined with Micromax micro nutrients. This process is known as root pruning. The root pruning process causes a pack of massive fibrous roots to constantly reproduce more roots when they hit the air pockets carefully and scientifically placed in the containers. As the plant rapidly grows to the next healthy stage of production it is bumped up to the next size ROOTMAKER container to produce more growth.

Our Services.

We are commited to the production of the highest quality trees and plants. Sales and serivce including planting our trees and plants. We have performed tree and landscape work since 1992. everything from simple lawn maintenace to full landscape install and tree work.